Electric works

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As water and air, electricity is also a necessity in our lives. We cannot imagine our life without electricity in the present era. For every single job we do, at home or in the office, Electricity has a crucial role to play. Iknas undertakes the best electrical works across the UAE and in other countries. We specialize in various electrical works and hence obtained trust and compassion from our customers.


At Iknas, we do not consider the heights of the buildings we would work in. Our cleaning services are supreme, regardless of the size and type of the building- home or office. Whether cleaning a floor in the building or total clean up, Iknas provides an adaptable and economic solutions through our specialists.

The experts at Iknas Technical services also deal with repair and maintenance apart from newly installing the wires, fixtures, UPS lights, etc. If you plan to construct a new building-residential or commercial, always think Iknas Technical Services!