Building Cleaning

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You need to take preventive measures to avoid the risk of unforeseen malfunctions in the AC. To overcome the breakdowns, you must consistently maintain your AC system. Here, Iknas provides all the services related to AC- Installation, Maintenance, and Repair.


At Iknas, we do not consider the heights of the buildings we would work in. Our cleaning services are supreme, regardless of the size and type of the building- home or office. Whether cleaning a floor in the building or total clean up, Iknas provides an adaptable and economic solutions through our specialists.

We at Iknas are quite considerate about hygiene and cleanliness. Hence we use Clean-water technology on surfaces that do not withstand pressure washing. We also undertake cleaning of solar cell panels, which would have dirt and dust residues, risking the power supply by up to 40%.

IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association] is the signature of the international trade association for the work-at-height sector that conserves and ensures high standards for rope access companies globally. Iknas has professional rope access experts certified in IRATA. These professionals are recertified annually to ensure that safety is the highest priority.