AC Maintenance

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You need to take preventive measures to avoid the risk of unforeseen malfunctions in the AC. To overcome the breakdowns, you must consistently maintain your AC system. Here, Iknas provides all the services related to AC- Installation, Maintenance, and Repair.


Iknas AC Installation service in UAE holds an exceptional history of customer service. Our team has extensive expertise in installation. We ensure that the air conditioning system is created to fulfill your requirements and performs at the best, so the employees need not take breaks often and would work comfortably thus taking the business to the forefront.

At Iknas, we provide a wide range of repairing and maintenance of AC systems and the use of professional tools and the best materials at affordable cost.

Have no idea why your AC makes noise? Why is there no cooling? Or does it not turn ON? Don’t Panic! Iknas will always assist you.